Leaving for India Today

3 days of travel.

11 time zones away.

7 days on the ground in India.

3 team members from 2 churches.

6 cities.

7 indigenous ministries.

1 holistic ministry conference.

100s of children.

Clean water tanks, children's homes, business start-ups, Christian hospital, church planters, future ministry projects.

One God reconciling North India to Himself through the work of His people as they proclaim the Gospel day after day.

Would you please remember to pray for us?  Prayer makes a huge difference and I can literally tell when people are praying for us. I'll try to post updates, but internet access is sketchy and even when we have it, I'm normally too exhausted to write anything of substance. We're looking forward to God moving in a powerful way once again.

3 Responses to Leaving for India Today

  1. Lifting you up right now! God will use you in ways you cant imagine. Blessings!!! Be open to Him!

  2. Praying for you, Alan, as you travel and minister in India. May God bless you with strength, health, safety, sensitivity to the Spirit’s direction, fruitful encounters, and multiplied ministry.

  3. been following you on Twitter…thx
    Really looking forward to October – Just about guarantee four from St. Louis going
    Journey connection “possibly” very strong