Pray for Police and for Peace Across Our Nation

Pray for Police and for Peace Across Our Nation

Dear God! This has to end! I am hearing about the four Dallas police officers shot and killed and seven others wounded as they were keeping peace and actually helping protestors peacefully assemble. They were assassinated. This is only going to get worse if we as a people do not step up and come together. This has to stop! This racial hatred and division and now, violence, has to end. When Gregory Gunn was killed in Montgomery back in the Spring and I met with the family and with Chief Finley of the MPD on what could be done, he told me that the police need the community to work with them to help keep peace and safety in communities. Police need our support and prayers and as a community, we all need to work together. They cannot do all of what needs to be done by themselves nor should they. Obviously, these murders are heinous. We have to stop this. ALL OF US TOGETHER before our cities and nation descend further into chaos.

I am praying tonight for these officers and their families and the people of Dallas and for police officers all across this nation who work hard to keep our communities safe. This is just horrible. I am praying that the dragon of racial division and animosity and violence that has been unleashed on our nation be put to death and that peace and justice reign. We are dealing with forces beyond our control or ability to keep it under wraps. The anger and rage and fear will just keep growing if we don’t all work together to bring peace and support for one another.

Police need our support. Their job is incredibly difficult and they have to navigate so many things.

We need to support and listen to African Americans and other minorities who live in genuine fear that they might be gunned down or mistaken for criminals or shot without cause because of situations beyond their control.

We need for our communities to come together and work with law enforcement to help make our communities safer and stop portraying a false narrative of police officers being pitted against the communities that they patrol.

We need to put to death the dragon of racial division and animosity and actually address issues of injustice and violence and where these things are coming from.

We have to do better, support one another, care for each other, and recognize the struggle that so many are going through. Racial division and racism and violence seek to consume us all. We need to all fight it together.

We need to pray for police officers across our nation tonight as many of them will understandably worry that they will be targets next. I am praying for peace and protection for them.

We need to pray that pastors and community leaders step in and step up to bring peace and communication in neighborhoods and to make sure that these things are put away for good.

Praying tonight for our nation, for law enforcement who are trying to do the right thing, and for our communities across this nation. Dear God, make this stop. We must step up together to bring peace, justice, and life to our communities. There is so much need for the church to step in and be what the church is supposed to be right now. So many across our nation need healing and hope.


[Photo Credit: New York Times]

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